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T-Board FAQs

If there is something you want to ask but it isn't answered here
please feel free to contact us anytime.

Will T-Boarding improve snowboarding?
Definitely yes. T-Board carve and slide are much like snowboard that enhance balancing and edging skills for riding on the snow.

How does T-Board work?
T-Board are designed based on result of many years of mechanical development and prototypes. Two wheels become the base of a snowboard.
The front wheel turns when the back wheel stays on a smooth carve.

Is it difficult to ride?
Usually require few hours for comfortable ride. Prior experience in other board sports, particularly snowboarding will be necessary to get used to its speed at the learning process. However anyone of any ages of boys and girls can easily ride T-Boards.

Where can I ride T-Board?
Usually ride on pavement but not a roadway for your safety. To keep your T-Board well conditioned, and please keep away from water.

How to break and stop?
Refer VIDEOS to leam how to break and stop safely. Make sure to start from practicing how to break on a flat road without too much speed.

Isn't it dangerous?
T-Board is not more or less dangerous than any other boarding sports . Danger factor entirely depends on how you ride.
You may fall off from T-Board frequently by stepping on and off until you get used to balance on a board however by following all instructions and riding on a recommended environment will prevent dangers. Also you will need enough practice how to break the speed down and stop before you challenge naking spins or other tricks.
In addition, we recommend you to wear helmet, Knee, wrist and elbow pads.

What's the difference between T-boarding and Snow boarding?
Only locations and stepping methods are different.
Usually snowboarding requires at least basic knowledge until you become able to curve on the slope but T-board teaches how to balance and curve only by stepping on the board.
As you can see the comments on the top page,we've received tons of feedbacks from riders confirmed the helpfulness.
Also riders without any snowboarding experience actually got amazing result on snow slopes.

Do I need bindings?
No, you don't need bindings.

Which models would suit me?
For train more like powder riding and surfing, long board will improve your carving skill.
Indy 500 rubber wheels hold your speed at tight lines.
For making tricks and ride on flat road like skateboarding, short board has lighter and smaller wheels and will be enjoyable.

Can I mix wheel types?
Yes, you can mix the wheel type.
Indy 500 rubber wheel on rear, and urethane wheel on front.
This combination make the speed faster but still easy to control the board.

Do I need maintenance?
Every time before you ride the board, don't forget to check both wheels set tight and safe.
Wheels sometimes slacken after aggressive ride.
Then order new wheels if damaged or degraded.

What if I have a problem with the T-Board?
See WARRANTY info.

Any usage of these Boards is taken at your own risk. We do not accept any responsibility for injuries incurred. Always wear safety equipment while using a T-Board. We advise you to avoid riding in wet conditions.



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